Jungle Nursery by Melaney's Murals

Melaney Bracken writes - This room has been painted for two beautiful little twin girls, with very creative parents. I enjoyed hearing their ideas and working with them to create a very custom space. Every wall and door in this room have been painted to create the feeling that you are actually stepping out into the jungle. We notice from the pictures we took that you can't really capture the total feel of this room. With a few suggestions to try the virtual tour effect, we finally decided that perhaps it could enhance the visual experience of the space. We recommend that you use the java full screen. By clicking and dragging the mouse you can look at the ceiling, and wall as well as the floor. My client has put much thought into the furnishings and decor for this space, I am always amazed at how much the finishing touches add to the painting itself.
See her website at Melaneys Murals.com