Steve Mollenkof's Garden

While most of us work away somewhere in cubicals or small offices usually without windows, Steve Mollenkof works every day tending to his garden under the blue sky and selling vegetables and herbs to passersby. After trying his fresh vegetables I quickly realized vegetables picked green and shipped hundreds of miles to your large commercial grocery don't compare to the vegetables picked ripe from the garden.

So get out in the sun, learn the art of cooking, use fresh herbs and support your local gardner!

(Transcribed from Fullscreen Audio File)

Hello my name Steve Mollenkof.
My garden is located at 2575 Buford Dam Road Cumming Georgia, Forsyth County Georgia. My Garden is approximately two acres, primarily organic. I use a little Osmocote and a little calcium nitrate on tomatos but I dont use any pesticides or herbicides. I grow primarily tomatos, corn, okra, peppers, yellow squash, zuccini squash, beans, both bush and pole, herbs, orugula, lettuce, carrots, and cut flowers.

To my right, first growing would be bell pepper 'Big Bertha' followed by mixed zinnias for display, habanero peppers, zuccini 'Select' followed by white bunching onions 'Hardy White' which is hardy in this area during the winter. Next would be zuccini 'Select'. Cucumbers growing up the fence are called 'Marketmore', followed by lettuce called 'Lasting Green', followed by a carrot called 'Betania' which does well in this clay soil. Yellow squash would be 'Fortune', followed by 'Better Boy' tomatoes ,carrot 'Betania' again and Squash 'Fortune'. Interplanted with the squash 'Fortune' would be pole beans 'Blue Lake' and the yellow squash is 'Sunray' interplanted with 'Better Boy' tomotoes followed by 'Celebrity' tomatos, zuccini 'Spineless Beauty' ,yellow squash 'Sunray', 'Celebrity' tomatoes, zuccini 'Select', zinnia 'Benary's Giant' which is mildew resistant that I grow for cut flowers. There's a mixed zinnia border across the walkway which is mostly for display; some cut flowers, followed by lettuce called 'Lasting Green' and 'Cow Horn' peppers followed by bell peppers 'Big Bertha'.

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