Copyright and Usage Information

Below are in-depth explanations for each of our copyrights classes available.

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Image may not be used in any manner beyond this website. You MAY link to the website address containing the image however this is not include what is know as "hotlinking" or embedding the image directly onto a third party website.


Images will be used by a non-profit organization in a printed or electronic fashion.

Internal Usage

Image will be used on an internal use only (Printed or Electronic) and will not be viewable by the general public.
Examples include memos, instructional notices, posters, internal websites.

Internet / Electronic Usage

Images will only be accessed via a publicly accessible website, free standing kiosk, or mobile device.

Publishing / Editorial

Image(s) will be used in following examples.
Retail books, textbooks, magazines, or newspapers.

Film / Video / TV Uses

Image(s) will be used in following examples.
Entertainment, editorial, informational, documentary, educational programs. Films (Feature or Trailers). Music Videos

Retail Uses

Image(s) will be used on products to be solid to the general public.
Examples include greeting Cards, calendars, posters, product packaging.

Advertising / Marketing

Image(s) will be used advertise a product in print, display (outdoor, billboard, transit), or TV mediums.