Healthcare Virtual Tours

A high quality virtual tour is an amazing marketing tool for a wide range of businesses. 

In the same way that good photography adds life to a website or printed marketing material, a good virtual tour can help enrich the experience of your clients and prospects.

One of these industries where we have been producing a lot of work recently is in health care.  From dentists to larger and more complex infrastructures such as hospice, and skilled nursing and assisted living facilities.

The use of our products is not limited to the online marketing efforts. Our clients are able to include their virtual tours in off-line presentations, allowing them to show the facilities, their main features and layout of the buildings with a very close idea of how it feels to be there.

In today's more competitive business environment and with all the technologies available to attract new customers, you have to make sure that your website stands out in the crowd and that potential and current clients have a good understanding on how your service or product is better than your competitors.

When looking for a vitual tour, you should look for a service that provides you with high quality photography,an easy to understand interface and a photographer with a good eye to find the best and most attractive way to showcase your business.

In the specific case of the health care industry, we have provided our clients with all of the above, however we have also added features like embeded videos, which can be useful to show how a particular feature works (click here for example).  

Another great benefit from our products is that they are iPhone and iPad viewable, which is a great plus for your marketing team. It is estimated that there has been over 125 million combined Apple iPod Touches, iPhone, iPad’s sold. These touch devices are the simplest and easiest way to view any virtual tour.

Here you can see some examples of our work for the health care industry.